Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership


Diamond Membership. Diamonds truly are a girl's best friend, and the Diamond membership reflects that. Diamond members get the most attention from Sugar Babies —by far. A Diamond membership shows Sugar Babies that you're more serious and honest, which goes a long way. As an alternative to a background check, we allow prospective Diamond members to fill out an application and submit evidence of their profile claims.

Benefits of Diamond Membership

  • Up to 20X more responses from Sugar Babies

  • Featured prominently on Sugar Babies' dashboards

  • Diamond badge makes you stand out across the site

  • Sugar Babies know you're truthful and serious

  • Includes all the benefits of premium


BLACK Membership is extended to those that uphold the character and reputation of our club. Limited to 75 members. BLACK Membership benefits include:

  • Complimentary clubhouse admission for member and up to five guests.
  • Complimentary admission to all pop-up events for member and his guests.
  • Access to club apartment. Pay per visit - $375 over night and $275 daytime.
  • Use of all features within mobile application including model chat, room booking, etc.
  • Black membership card for identifying member and additional privileges such as line jumps and preferred seating. Can also be used for accessing member only spaces (Q1 2018) at clubhouse and havens.
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